Who Are We

Dubai-Turk Start Up Group is a Dubai-based consultancy company established since 2000. We offer professional consulting services for the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to our multicultural experience and knowledge of the market, we will guide you through the whole process and advise you on all the options you have in the country. We also advise you on the implementation of your idea.

Our focus is company formation and consulting for Offshore, Mainland and Freezone companies. We also offer support in setting up your business in the United Arab Emirates. Our service also includes opening accounts at the most trusted banks. We also support you with billing such as sales tax returns, account guides and visas (eg residency visa or second citizenship) and offer public relations services. We are with you until the integration of the company into your office space.

Dubai-Turkey Start-up Group employs professional consultants who speak Arabic, Turkish, English, Hindi, Urdu and many more. Our staff and experts regularly complete training courses and obtain professional certifications to ensure your success.

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Why Dubai – Turkey Startup

We see the success and growth of our customers as the greatest reward. We serve as a helping hand for our valued customers and provide prompt advice and support. Finding a UAE national sponsor is one of our prestigious services. Other services we offer are Brand Protection, Bank account opening, PRO Services, Company liquidation and much more.

What Services Do We Provide?

We offer a wide range of business setup services for startups, midsize businesses and large business concerns in Dubai and throughout the UAE. The combination of trust and quality is the trademark of our Business installation services. And it’s not just a marketing gimmick, it’s our proven growth formula. We offer Mainland, Free zone and Offshore business start-up services from the most basic to Licensing, License renewal and much more.

Why United Arab Emirates?

Among the 7 emirates of the UAE, Dubai is one of the most popular cities and is of global importance as a business hub. The numerous benefits of Opening a Company in Dubai have made Dubai very attractive for foreign trade and investments. The Dubai government has opened the doors for various business setups from around the world. They were confident that allowing foreign trade would benefit both sides. The Dubai government was right, and now both the city and foreign investors enjoy the many benefits of starting a business in Dubai. Dubai is now very strong financially and you can also plan to start a business in Dubai. Here are some highlights of starting a business in Dubai to help you better understand Let’s take a look at the advantage.

10 benefits of starting a business in Dubai

1. Ease of business setup

With fast-growing technology facilities and a cooperative government, it is easier than ever to start a business in Dubai. Now, registering your business in Dubai is only a few days away. The process of setting up a company in Dubai is very easy to follow and requires less paperwork. You can always turn to a professional and experienced business setup consultant in Dubai to help you and guide you through the whole process.

2. Hire foreigners

Dubai is known around the world as one of the most popular business centers. Investors from all over the world want to do business in Dubai and make countless profits. Also, from oil business to tourism, accommodation, logistics, etc. has successfully expanded to other industries such as These business sectors cover 60% of Dubai’s GDP. In addition, these sectors offer numerous employment opportunities, allowing private companies to hire workers from abroad.

3. No taxation

One of the notable benefits of starting a business in Dubai is that you don’t have to pay taxes. Dubai offers complete exemption from all types of taxes, whether it is income tax, corporate or personal tax. However, several companies may have to pay 5% VAT applicable to certain business activities.

4. More than 20 free zones

Dubai gives you the opportunity to start your own business on land or in a free zone. The city offers 20 plus free zones to choose from. Starting a business in the Dubai Free Zone is considered beneficial because business people can have full ownership of their company in the Free Zone. It also allows 100% return on earned profits and invested capital. Placing your company in a free zone also gives you the opportunity to collaborate with others in the same industry.

5. Technological progress

Dubai is one of the Emirates with the most advanced digital facilities. It is on the way to a technologically empowered future and the digital center of the world. The city can reduce traffic, provide world-class Internet services, transform healthcare, e-commerce, etc. He has launched many technology initiatives on the subject. This encourages and increases online business opportunities in the country.

6. Favorable geolocation

Located at the crossroads of east, west, north and south, Dubai creates a natural bridge between producers, producers and suppliers of important goods from around the world. Dubai has the most active and busiest airports in the world. Both ports and airports are located in places that provide good connectivity and facilitate logistics. This helps the prosperity of import-export, re-export and tourism companies.

7. World class infrastructure

Everyone knows that the capital of the UAE has the best infrastructure in the world. Dubai’s infrastructure continues to evolve over time, getting better and attracting many business people. In addition to this, Dubai also has an excellent public transport system, good telecommunications facilities, terminals, etc. He provides. With Dubai Expo 2020, the Dubai government is investing heavily to make infrastructure more attractive and advanced.

8. Comfortable and quality lifestyle

People in Dubai live among people from different cultures, religions and communities. Living in such a diverse place allows people to learn about very different cultures and rituals. This helps them build and maintain good relationships. Moreover, the people of Dubai are always interested in first-class services and shopping. Starting a business in Dubai will eventually bring a comfortable lifestyle.

9. Easy visa process

If you start a business in Dubai, you can easily get a work and residence visa. Once you get a visa, you can rent or lease real estate, travel from one country to another, or buy a vehicle.

10. Extraordinary state support

The Dubai government never fails to provide foreign investors with world-class facilities, incentives and security. continues to change the rules and regulations for

Doing business in the city to ensure quality, improve and increase business opportunities. In addition, the government continues to organize various international events and launches many business expansion initiatives. The government provides a fixed set of rules and regulations for easy-to-follow business. All entrepreneurs should adhere to these rules for the smooth establishment of business and further work.