Freezone companies are the most advanced companies in the UAE. They are covered by Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 (New Business Companies Act, NCCL), which came into effect on July 1, 2015. Mainland companies are regulated by the legal structure of the state and must comply with relevant guidelines.

You are within the boundaries of commercial areas. According to the mainland incorporation law, the UAE must own at least 51% of the total equity of the trading company.

Advantages of all free zones in the UAE

  • 100% company owner
  • Import/export business
  • 3-year visa for investors and their employees and family members
  • Growth potential thanks to strategic location
  • Advantageous transportation network
  • Affordable cost for high quality workforce
  • 100% return ROI
  • Opening bank accounts
  • virtual office space
  • residence visa
  • Easy import and export
  • commercial infrastructure
  • Capital requirement according to the relevant Free Zone
  • Pay 5% tax on goods and services if trading on the mainland
License types
  • General Commercial License (Allows any business)
  • Professional license for services, consulting and public relations Industry license covers all manufacturing companies where goods are offered for sale
  • Covers License Types
  • General Commercial License (Allows any type of business)
  • Professional license for services, advice and services

Our Service

  • Support with ideas for determining the suitable free zone area for the customer
  • Support in the preparation of incorporation documents
  • Endorsements (name endorsements)
  • Advice and support in opening a bank account
  • Support with audit reports and bookkeeping
  • Feasibility and project reports for the foundation